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DJ Scottie
DJ Scottie
Old skool raver
DJ Scottie - Every other Thursday
9pm - 11pm
I consider myself be lucky in that I was brought up by parents who enjoyed music more than television. I was raised on an eclectic variety of obscure and mainstream music and I followed this path, although I had a particular love of ska and the mod revival of the mid 80s. However, one night in 1989 I discovered acid house and rave music and immediately realised I had found my focus.

I cant stress enough how much that night grabbed me and shaped me, and it became my mission to find out as much as possible about this beautiful new and underground scene that had so grabbed me. I'm proud to have been involved in a youth culture and movement so special and to have evolved with it. Breakbeat, hardcore, darkcore, jungle, drum & bass and intelligent drum & bass was my chosen path and I loved every moment of it. I experienced so many great club nights, but AWOL at the Paradise Club was probably the highlight - I still refer to it as my church, the music and vibe was outstanding.

I also dabbled with house in the mid 90s as some great music was coming out at that time. Around 1993 I started learning to mix whilst living with a couple of DJs, those belt-drive decks were on 24 hours a day and took a battering! I purchased my own 1210s in '96 and played locally in Essex. However due to family and work I put all my vinyl and equipment away in 2010 and had a 6 year break from mixing. I am now very much back into it, but I still fear change which is why I am vinyl only, and don't really play anything after 2000!

My favourite DJ has to be LTJ Bukem and I followed his innovate path closely in the mid 90s when jungle was getting too manic for me. Bukem and Conrad were the dream team at the time, however GQ at AWOl was the boss and you always have to respect the Randall.

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